Pets Cards

20Stamps Pets Photo Cards
20Stamps Pets Photo Cards
20Stamps Pets Photo Cards
Custom Stamp

Pets Photo Cards

It's a long tradition of USPS Stamps being decorated with lovely pets photos. At 20Stamps, we place all the design decisions at your fingertips so that you can customzie pets postage stamps with your own pets' photo. With our user friendly 20Stamps iPhone App, you will certainly make some adorable pets postage stamps.

Puppy, Kitty and Bunny

Puppy, kitty and bunny, 20Stamps iOS App invites all pet lovers to come and share pictures and stories of their 4 legged family members. If you love pets and dont have any you are still welcome to design cards with their cute pictures.

For Pet Lovers

20Stamps wants our world to be a warm loving atmosphere of animal lovers of all kinds, even if you dont have cats or dogs, if you have Ferrets or Birds or reptiles, you are still welcome to share custom pets cards and be apart of this awesome community! Thanks for being a pet lover!